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So, I have to catch one bus and two trains and a ride to get to Hemet tonight. Total travel time: 6 hours. I'm sitting here anxiously waiting, having cleaned the house and packed everything. What am I to do?! No going to Ebay! Bad me... bought some games past couple days. I'm even bringing some reading along for the ride... and my ps2 for my free time while i am in town!

P.S. Never be the one to organize a group for a project... that automatically makes you the leader, and you have to do everything from there on in. Especially in a business class... I don't know anything about business but i'm the ringleader?

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... I wish I was a little more devoted to actually participating.

I should be studying for my Art History midterm. I love the subject, but don't ask me to remember years. This instructor is funny, because she says she doesn't expect us to, and then a test comes up and we better have a detailed timeline in our heads. I can't remember what year my brother was born in most the time, why should I remember when Qin felled the Zhou Dynasty?

This week will be killer, but at least this weekend I'll be going home. That's right all you Hemetians, I'm coming home for a couple days. Janine has a show, so I'm going to go see her. And I wouldn't mind someone letting me see "The Prestige" for free.

But before that... I have a midterm, a quiz, a project, and 2 animations due.
I spent money I shouldn't have, got Metal Gear Solid 3. And I timed it badly because I want to play so bad, but I have this huge week!! I want to play!!

Ok back to work!

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ok, i did this 'cause i noticed my name... hmmm.

Get your own spectral analysis from Area 23®

Finals week, i'm procrastinating on projects this very second.

I have no food, I have no money, time to find all the free snacks and coffee on campus.

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Natalie Wood, also had the nickname Natasha

She died on the same day I was born, only a year before (i.e Nov. 29, 1981 she died, i was born Nov. 29 1982)

She died just off one of the Catalina Islands.. drowning... that's about an hour away from where I was born.
And just a note... I'm not afraid of the water... though I'm terrified, like deathly, of sharks.

She was in a movie with Dennis Hopper... who has my last name...

and in case you can't put a face to the name Natalie Wood think:
Miracle On 34th Street
Rebel Without A Cause
West Side Story

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Darnel had a bad dream and he called me.... I'm sorry, but how awesome is that. And no it wasn't like some silly scary nightmare, it was about me and him. But I love that he woke up and called me in the middle of the night. I loved being inconvenienced... though it really wasn't one to me.

Other things... getting toward the end of The Fountainhead... Ayn Rand is all about her "Objectivism" but personally, just for my romantic and silly side, I wouldn't mind if Gail Wynand dies... and Howard Roark and Dominique Francon end up together... will it happen? Probably not, but I still love the story.

I need to finish this book, got so much piling up on me at school. One thing... I actually got an A on my poly sci midterm... I thought I did horrible on it.

My programming teacher loves my work... lol she actually thanks me for my work... and I take it as meaning "thank you for turning it in" so I tell her thank you back, and she's like "No, thank you, it was beautiful" lol... kinda makes me wanna take more programming classes (especially since this is my first so i'm barely tapping into programming). I can bet you about 20 bucks i got the highest grade in that class. I brag, i know... but I am actually doing well in there.

Art... but in Life Drawing I am not learning as much as I would have hoped. Any improvement is because of the mere repetition. She's shown us techniques, but hasn't really taught them, if that makes any sense. And since I can learn from being just shown I'm doing alright, but I could be doing better.

Life... I love it! I wish I didn't have cavities, but that's my fault. But life... life is good.
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Yes, We've all heard of the Pyramid schemes, and they tend to be really stupid.

No doubt about it.

But there is a guy here at my school (CSUCI) who tried it and got an iPod for nothing... so I'm going to go for a new laptop (I have one, but I would like one for all my extra crap).
Unfortunately, since it is a pyramid scheme, I do need one person to complete it with me in order for me to receive the laptop.


If you play it smart though, you could end up getting an iPod, a laptop or a game system (like xbox) for practically nothing, if not free. When you go to the link, you choose what you want.

Then it will take you through a million different pages... all crap, just say no to everything,

until you get to a page that says "silver offers" from there you have to choose 2 silver, 2 gold, and 2 platinum offers.

Now, most of these have free trial offers (and some offers u might actually want, i dunno, depends on the person), but if you play it right, you are spending nothing. If you get a free trial offer, just remember to cancel it before you pay (and you will still qualify for your free item, it takes 30 days for them to evaluate if you've finished, but you only promised to try the free trials, so everything's ok)

Yes, I spent a little money... I spent $5.99 on a Bob Dylan CD... and I will wait until I receive the CD and then cancel my membership there... but if u like CDs $5.99 is not bad... and then I spent $1 and then $4.95 in S&H on an entire make-up kit (= 5.95)... I kinda figured if I don't use it, it will be a great 5 dollar gift for my sister or a friend. And who here hasn't heard of Snapfish... come on, you know that's free. And I signed up for a couple of other free trial offers that I will cancel.

If you forget which offers you signed up for (and you erase the emails you received), there is a status page you can check, to see how you are doing. Oh... and yes, you receive emails, so if you have an email address specifically for junk mail, use it, lol I did.

ok, if u feel the need to berate me for trying this out, i understand, lol. but consider it if you will.

The guy here at the school got the iPod no problem, so I'm hoping somewhere I have a friend who is willing to try. The hardest part is probably admitting that you are trying this thing out and asking someone else to as well.

Sorry for the propaganda feel, and for poisoning some of my friends' eyes, I just wanted to try one once. lol.
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Darnel made me definitely feel special. I won't tell you everything he said but a few are: I'm his best friend, I understand him better than anyone else he's ever met, I'm beautiful, and I play video games... and a few other things... and who feels special? ME! Ok, had to share that.
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I want the precious!

Well... I've started reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. The introduction is the first introduction of a book that I wasn't bored stiff on, and I loved the way she presented the book. I thought it was kind of funny how she kept quoting herself. But I suppose if she has the answers to the questions she asks and they are of her own devising then she's off to a good start.

Ooooo, and Jeannette and I were talking about the movie {Proof}. She told me it was good and I haven't seen it yet. Good news! The math club on campus is having a movie night tomorrow and showing that movie. Coincidence? hmmm.

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Don't mean to scare ya'll but who's that in the university sweatshirt? Yup, me... so no running away, lol.

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Myspace is being a bitch, lol. I tried to post some pictures up on my myspace homepage. I did it in the same way I just put up the pics in the previous entry. They meet all myspace.com's requirements. I have gone to their help page like 3 times and gone thru and made sure I had tried everything they suggested if I hadn't already done it initially. Since I was still having a problem, I sent in an email to customer service, a detailed email, explaining everything I had done (which is everything they said to do)... they send me an email that is almost word for word what the help page said.... um.. been there, done that. And yes, I even checked for typos in my html. The problem could still be me, but it's like they completely ignored the fact that I did everything they said and had no new helpful information. Grrrrr. I even suggested that maybe the problem wasn't me, but the editting portion of myspace and not reading newly entered html correctly or something, i don't know... it's just driving me insane...I've checked and rechecked, I've done everything I can think to. The pics work here. I even tried pics from snapfish and from flickr >.
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