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1) My animation instructor told me my last animation (in which we had…

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1) My animation instructor told me my last animation (in which we had to make an actual character, not just a generic body) was like an "Eastern European Independent Animation". I decided to take that as a compliment considering she is letting me continue to use said character.

2) Darnel is making me wait 2 weeks to find out what the Justice of the Peace person he talked to said. Grrr, I want to know!

3) I have no costume for Halloween.

4) I made a leather mask, and then found out the Housing office here on campus is going to make me work the night of the masquerade ball.... sitting in the office alone! Boo.

5) I love sleep.

6) I need a vacation. I shouldn't complain though because I will be sorta taking one in 2 weeks. But I will be bringing some school work with me, so it isn't a true vacation. I need a complete (or as complete as possible) break from responsibility!

7) I don't know why I'm numbering things, just felt like it.

8) The office has me working 3 shifts this weekend, when we aren't really supposed to work more than one... maaaaybe two, especially now that they've hired 5 more people! When can I sleep?????
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